Thursday, May 13, 2010

As Good As It Gets?

A little history about me.
Hi... as my about me states I am currently an EMT-B for a private ambulance company that serves 5 communities just south east of the great city of Chicago. The company is the third largest provider of EMS in the state and is a superb company to work for. With that said ,in my on/off of almost five years of private ambulance service, if I ever see a dialysis center again....well you can fill in the rest of the saying.

Please do not take me wrong, I truly do love what I do... even after what must amount to upwards of 5000 renal runs. I must admit, it is getting kinda old... even with the prospect of making it to one of our Town Cars (aka 911), the politics involved in that process make it almost not worth it. It's not like I don't get to see "emergencies" while i am working, or when the tones drop for the FD, we get several per week...i guess i just need something more.

I wont keep boring you with how I am a trauma junkie with a serious case of drought, but the good news is I did get moved back up to an ALS unit. Starting this week I will be working 1 n 1 with my very own paramedic. HA. What that means for me is alot more "emergencies" be it shortness of breath, or the pt. with a BS of 20! On top of all that, with the addition of my beautiful wife to my life, I have decided to man up and go to Paramedic school. Not only will it bring in more money for us, but it will be a major key to my goal of becoming a full time fire fighter.

Well I just got our first call for the shift, so i am off to move bodies. And Yes it is a dialysis transport... and yes i am working on a bariatric rig today that does not have a bari cot, but it could always be worse. Our pt. could be 450 pounds with 3 flights of stairs instead of 350 with 1 flight.

Dear My Back,
Just telling you ahead of time I am so sorry.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Planes, Trains, and Fake Eyes

Well i finally made a blog. Is that right? Is that how i say it, made a blog? Anyway, after a great afternoon with my wife, I decided to start blogging. I don not really know about what... mostly ems and fire related stuff, probably some awesome stories about how my job in private ems is not mind-numbingly boring... on that note


Last patient of the day and the nursing home decided to set the thermostat at 103 on a beautiful 65 degree day. It is a totally routine hospital discharge, nothing special about this call and we are ready to go 42 for the night, that is until my partner and I get to the nurse station to get signatures. Thats when I witnessed, probably, the greatest event of my young life. A patient rolls up to me precedes to drop her fake eye on to the ground, picks it up and looks at it for all of 2 seconds before I watch it vanish into her mouth. "But Brandon, that could have been a gum ball or a Everlasting Gobstopper" you say. My thoughts exactly. She spit it out and popped it back in laughing like a mad woman the entire time.